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Very legally steal my highest converting optin page templates... and commence generating cash with less effort (almost overnight). Very best of all, you can now start using these proven optin page templates for your own personel benefit with some mouse clicks...using nothing else but NinjaLandingPage's dead simple point'n click optin page creation technology.

Dear Marketer,

Maybe you have felt the frustration of squandering your time and money on sending traffic that does NOT translate into more prospects which could choose to buy what you're offering?

landing page templates

I'm sure ANY marketer - no matter what level they're at - has felt that unpleasant sense of confusion that creates your jaw muscles squeeze with deception and anger.

I remember clearly how back in the day I tried making some money online by using ineffective and ugly optin pages that failed to make my visitors compulsively hit the "Subscribe" button out of curiosity and excitement.

And in case your optin pages are currently NOT converting at least at 40% opt-in rates, you've been shooting yourself inside the foot so far with every visitor you sent to your optin pages.

But don't worry, I actually have the ideal means to fix your opt-in rate problems, which I'm sharing right on this page.

Hi, my name is Jesse Lee, and I've been making a full time online income since 2011.

Many years back, after i was still a clueless newbie, I would personally believe with my heart for the biggest Internet marketing lie ever told to newbies...

You already know that “the money is within the list”. How are you suppose to do that, although that’s what every guru is telling you? They always give some vague advice and never offer you anything solid to visit from.

Sure, they let you know to use PPC to drive traffic to your site or offer. ,. That is but really, what good? They’ve managed to make it to your site, now what? How are you expected to capture their current email address? By hoping they’ll opt in at the end of a post or in your sidebar? Still Doubtful?

Before they ever step foot on the main parts of your website, you need something that will capture their interest and almost force them into getting on your list. You need a tool that will get visitors to become subscribers.

Traffic = Money? Think again!

If you currently believe that your lack of online wealth is due to a traffic problem, then welcome to the club... of 95% of the online marketing crowd who can't even pay their bills with what they earn online.

But hey! I'm not blaming you at all if you're buying into the assumption that increasing your traffic will increase your bottom line.

Of course, the most effective way for all these wannabe Website marketing gurus selling you their MIRACULOUS traffic software was to help you be believe the lie above to start with.

Well, my pal, after finding yourself in this game for 5 years, I can bet with assurance that 95% individuals looking over this letter do NOT have any traffic problem...

Most List Builders Have A Conversion Problem

In order to relieve your thirst, imagine trying to fill a bucket with fresh water. Would you be able to drink from the bucket if it was full of holes? Certainly not.

Well, that's the same nonsense most newbie Internet marketers still give attention to even today.

And once you begin accepting the simple truth that, actually, better conversions = more money, life suddenly starts becoming easier.

You literally start making more money with less effort, because you start focusing your efforts on what TRULY matters in online marketing.

And... Are you aware a few things i is going to do from now on? Luckily, my "geek gene" inside provided me with enough motivation to achieve something truly crazy...

I Will Reveal 3 Conversion Secrets That

will Skyrocketing Your List From Week One!

Well, I'm no tech gurus similar to most claimed to be, when they make an effort to sell you their techniques! Some of the wannabe gurus are even packed with BS... as well as their techniques will not even work.

•They're shamelessly lying to us in all of their sales letters.

•They're making millions overnight with HUGE product launches selling bogus traffic courses and softwares towards the mass of clueless newbies.

YET, they will NEVER ever discuss what does work today with regards to building big e-mail lists with less traffic costs thanks to high opt-in rate optin pages.

However I took my revenge from their website at the advantage of all of us average marketers!

So, here's what I did: I conducted numerous split tests to learn what type of optin page templates will bring within the highest opt-in rates.

And even though doing that, I modelled what famous IM gurus like Frank Kern were doing making use of their own optin pages.

Boy, I purchased a near INSTANT opt-in rate increase! And now I'd prefer to share back 3 optin page design tactics i constantly stumbled on during my (8 months long! ) split testing frenzy.

#1: Put your "subscribe" button/opt-in form above the fold

Allow your website visitors to immediately understand what you want those to do. Lead the competition with a clear call to action or they'll quickly hit their browser's "back" button and you'll never see them again.

#2: Demand an e-mail address only

Remember: the greater information you may well ask, the not as likely your visitors are gonna opt-in.

#3: Give them a compelling reason to opt-in

It should feel too painful to lose the opportunity of getting this type of valuable information for free. So, give them a TRULY valuable freebie!

So, that's only 3 of the many tactics I successfully used to bump my optin page's conversion rates.

However, You won't have to worry about implementing some of my findings one at a time since every conversion crushing tactic is alreadyimplemented in the 12 BEST performing optin page designs I've discovered after that 8 months long split test frenzy.

Permit me to introduce...

Ninja Website Landing Page Creator

The Advertising Tool That Can Help Create

Your Very Own Income Generating Machine!

Ninja Website Landing Page Creator can help you easily create attractive and highly effective landing pages within minutes! Our 7 step by step process will makes certain of just that!

Leave behind hours of frustrating coding and hello to actually building your business!

The greatest converting optin page creator

or A Refund... Guaranteed!

There's never been a much more certain, far better means of quickly generating award winning optin pages than NinjaLandingPage (or NLP in short).

Now you can just log in your NLP account, pick the optin page template you like best, adapt the copy in your audience and auto upload it for your FTP server with 1 mouse click.

You will enjoy high opt-in rates without needing to numerous split tests (that may be very boring for many non techy people) yourself!

You may profit from my discovery without touching an easy collection of code. In fact, if you can use a mouse and a keyboard, then you too can have your own e-mail list exploding optin pages!

Observe how Easily You Could Make

optin pages With some Clicks Of The Mouse!

Listed here are the feautures lying

behind NLP's guru-level technology

12 Stellar Optin Page Themes

12 built-in themes with a smoking hot and unique design (each template was tested and proven countless time to usher in the best conversion rate against lots of other templates)

Seamless Split-testing Ability

The FREE built in split test tool can help you compare two versions of your optin page to quickly discover what works (which suggests more cash in your wallet with less effort! )

Quick Optin Page Setup

Insert your autoresponder, social media, exit conversion and splash tracking codes at exactly the correct place within your optin page using a simple copy-paste (to get a seamless integration of your 4 most essential cash generating tools)

Work Together With A Heightened Productivity

You can now work more productively with NLP's built-in 1-click FTP uploader (take advantage of the pleasure of saving mouse and time clicks Every single time you'll develop a new optin page).

Ninja Fast Start For Everybody

17 pages long quick start manual (your short non-techy user guide will arm you with the effectiveness of creating high and stunning conversion optin pages before you know it! )

No Additional Costs. Never!

Receive FREE Lifetime updates as long as you keep being NLP's customer (since high conversions is definitely the backbone of ANY online business, we are going to be constantly improving NLP's capability to create high performance optin pages in only minutes).

No Installation required. No headaches.

Your 100% web-based guru-level optin page creation technology works on ANY operating-system with a web connection (helping you save from frustrating program installation errors and mysterious computer bugs).

No technical html coding knowledge is needed to make use of this software, you will find just 10 basic steps to follow along with.

For more details, visit site at >> http: //www.ninjalandingpage.com
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